The Process #

  1. Seed
  2. Plant out
  3. Let main vine grow
  4. Trim back to just past two leaves
  5. Let side vines grow
  6. Trim back to just past two leaves
  7. Let 3rd set of side vines grow
  8. Trim back to just past two leaves
  9. Pinch out all fruit but the best one until 2/3rds in size
  10. Repeat

The Timing #

(per Calendar)

Sow at end of January.

Sow long green varieties between the middle of March and the middle of April.

Final planting out at end of May.

Cornichons sown on old hot beds early May.

(per Cucumber section)

Sow in first half of February and again in first half of March in 60-65 degree beds.

10-12 days after sowing, first true leaves should be developed, and move to another bed with 3” between each.

Slowly acclimate to air during the days.

Second week of March, move to 65-70 degree hotbed, planted up to the seed leaves, 4 under each light (TODO: turn this into actual spacing)

When 4-5 leaves have developed, pinch back to above the 2nd. Repeat with side shoots to above the 2nd or 3rd leaf after they reach 1 foot. Repeat once more.

When fruits start, that vine is pinched back 2 leaves beyond the fruit.

Cucumbers from February are good for cutting in April. Cucumbers from March are good for May and June.

Watering and Air #

Daily with water matching the temperature in the cloche/frame.

Frames tilted during the day but not removed.